Best Financial Software for Microfinance Companies


A major part of the India's population still lives their everyday life with less than Rs.100. No government can change the situation overnight. It's the Microfinance companies in India that are trying their best to offer these people the necessary financial freedom through providing loans, saving schemes, micro-insurances and money transfer facilities.

It's a consistent and unremitting process to help the less-fortunate people alleviating poverty. Xentric technologies Pvt. Ltd. has participated in the mission through developing cost effective and efficient money management software for these Microfinance companies. It's the skill, experience and hard-work of our team members who have designed and developed this financial software through extensive research using all the latest technologies like .Net Framework 4.0, C#, SQL server etc.

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Easy-to-Use Intuitive Features

It is our long research that resulted in a Microfinance software fully loaded with intuitive and efficient features. We have paid special attention to keep it user-friendly yet robust. Here are some of the unique features:

  • Adaptable to Different Businesses
  • Multiple Branch Integration
  • Real-Time Data on Any Branch-Level
  • Features to Import or Export Data
  • Capable to Follow MFI Specific Hierarchy
  • Effective Tracking of Loans, Savings, Interests & Other Funds
  • Loan & Insurance Restructuring Facility
  • Real-Time Customised Reports

Dynamic & Scalable

Every business is unique and so, it needs best Microfinance Software that can meet their requirements. We have designed completely dynamic money management software for the Microfinance Institutions in India. Our software is completely scalable for every future needs. Our software is

  • Dynamic and Object Oriented
  • Robust Database
  • Scalable & Transactionally Sound
  • Supports Working of Multiple Branch Simultaneously
  • Real-Time Synch
  • Data Integrity

Fast & Secure

Many good software surrenders when it comes to performance. But, we have used every latest technology properly to keep our software fast and secure even after entering huge data into it. At the same time, we have implemented unique techniques to enhance the security of the software. Here are some of the technologies:

  • User Page Viewing Restriction
  • Database Security Features
  • User Footprint Tracking
  • User Authentication
  • Protection Against MySQL Injection

Custom Features of the Software

It's our pride that every type of companies like, Microfinance Companies, NGOs etc. has highly appreciated the features of our money management software. The dynamic structure and scalability of the Microfinance software has attracted the people as it allows the companies to make any kind of changes on the business strategy without changing the software.

The developers of Xentric Technologies have invested much time and effort to make the application highly efficient and affordable through making it rich in several intuitive and intelligent features. Here are some of the great features of the money management software:

  • Customer Management

    Being a robust Microfinance software, it is able to handle numerous customers of different types like, Individual, Group, Institution etc. It can store every data of the customers properly along with customer asset details, identity proof and so on. The software also makes custom reports on the Socio-Economic status, Loan Amount Eligibility, Defining Credit Scoring Parameters for different customers etc.

  • Loan Management

    Offering loan to the right person is a crucial task for every micro-credit companies. Thus we have designed our software that is fully capable of helping you handle multiple loan products like Gold Loan, with flat, declining and EMI interest calculation modules. Our money management software also provides the opportunity to manage repayments in every time-frame (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.). To make it even robust, we have incorporated several unique features like the ability to apply penalties to arrears, allowing post-dated cheque facility and early payments, loan portfolio tracking, multiple disbursements etc. to know more about other loan management features, contact our executives.

  • Savings Management

    Every financial institution offers people the opportunity to save money for the future. It's a vital part of any Microfinance company. But, it requires a vast software with a wide range of features. We have developed the best Money Manager Software for such companies. Here are the primary features:

    • FD, RD, MIS Savings
    • Create Plans, Maturity Return, Statement, Certificate, Receipt
    • Simple and Compound Interest Calculation on Average, Ending or Minimum Balance
    • Supports Different Interest Payment Frequencies
    • Permits Addition of Different Savings Products
    • Minimum Balance, Withdrawal, Minimum/Maximum Deposit Restriction System
  • Insurance Management

    Micro-insurance is one of the most lucrative businesses for any Microfinance company in India. It helps any finance company to grow rapidly. However, managing insurances is a very complex process and needs high quality software. Our Micro-Finance Software has every feature that you need to handle different insurance schemes of different customers. Here are some of the features.

    • Different Product Management (Crop Insurance, Warehouse Insurance, Property Insurance, Medical Insurance etc.)
    • Client Management
    • Claim and Maturity Calculation
    • Commission Calculation of Agents
    • Premium Payment and Receipt Generation
  • Debenture Management

    Many companies distribute debentures in the market as a long term debt instrument to collect funds for the growth of the company. But, managing debenture of different face-value, market value and other concerned matters is a highly complicated matter. Our money management software offers a comprehensive means to track issues and redemption of debentures along with other relative matters.

  • Association Management

    Associates are the persons who drive the graph of growth of a company. Thus, managing your associates is one of the most vital tasks that a finance company should pay attention to. Our software offers a wide range of features to handle the valuable associates.

    • Detailed Associate Entry
    • Associate Tree/Genealogy
    • Associate Promotion (Rank/Level Change)
    • Associate I-Card, Certificate, Welcome Letter Generation
    • Associate Payout (Both Cash & Cheque)
    • Commission Payout
  • Financial Accounting

    All the modules described earlier are related to the accounts finally. You can assume how complicated it should be. But, thanks to our programmers who have researched vastly to keep the user interface still very simple and expressive. However, you'll get a number of features that hardly any software will offer you. Here are some of the vital ones:

    • Flexible Chart of Accounts
    • 'N' Levels General Ledger Structure
    • Supports General Receipts & Payments (Cash, Bank, Journal, Contra)
    • Recurring Voucher
    • Configurable Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Reports
    • Bank Reconciliation for Instruments Received
    • IFRS Standard Reporting Format
  • Reports

    Last but not the least. Reports are the final thing that one demands from any Money Management Software. Satisfying a user with customised reports is very difficult. But, it's our pride that all our clients have highly appreciated the reporting feature of our Microfinance Software. Here's a glance of the vital features:

    • Reports in PDF & MS-Excel Format
    • Reports by Group, Branch an Area
    • Tracking Loan Portfolio Aging, Delinquency and Other Repayment Information
    • Customised Reports on System Filters
    • Full Customisation of Reports As Per Requirement